Meet the Owners:

Kim LeBlanc Hamilton is a 3rd generation family matriarch-taught baker from New Orleans. Her love of two special little black dogs, combined with her love of baking, led to the inspiration of creating

PUNK-N-PYE’S Best Friends Treats.

A former fitness model, she always cooks with health and nutrition in mind.

“You are what you eat,

and just as you would for yourself, anything that you feed your dog, treats included, should promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.”

Teaming up with her husband, Mike, they’re setting out to spoil Punk, Pye and all their furry-friends!

“PUNK-N-PYE’S Best Friends Treats was created out of my love for dogs, and my love of baking…. now I get to reward the special members of my family by baking them something special!” -Kim